Creation Care

St Luke’s is a church that loves God, and all that he has made. St Luke’s is an Eco Church and in 2018 received the bronze award for our commitment to caring for God’s creation, but we know there is so much we can and could do to tackle the crisis. We recognise the global pandemic has particularly affected communities who were already facing challenges of climate change and we want to be aware of the social justice issues surrounding climate change.

We believe that God made humanity in his image, as his image bearers we have a responsibility to care for and work with the good environment God has created. We are conscious of our responsibility to carefully steward the global resources that God has given us and, in particular, our impact on the environment. We want to be proactive in reducing our impact and carbon emissions so that we can be carbon neutral by 2030.

St Luke’s believes that care for creation is fundamental to our mission and aligns itself with the Diocesan Synod resolution passed in November 2019:
This Synod recognises the Environment and Climate Emergency, and commits to the following:

  • Learning the facts about today’s environmental degradation and human-induced climate change
  • Speaking the truth about the emergency and the changes that are needed to safeguard the environment and mitigate climate impact
  • Taking the necessary action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030, and to model ways in which our faith and congregations can enable all of God’s creation to flourish
  • Fighting social injustices caused by the environmental crisis
  • Implementing the Diocesan Environment Policy 2019 and Action Plan
  • Including our care for the Environment within our diocesan strategy