Building Project

Transforming Space for Transforming Mission Building Project
Our vision statement as a church was born out of a prayerful process as a church in 2019

To LIVE for Jesus and LOVE one another, LEADing to transformed lives and communities.

Our church family has been growing over the last few years. The Lord is building HIS church and He is blessing us to be a blessing. Our children’s work has grown 327% in 2 years, alone. Now, our tired and dilapidated old buildings attached to the main church building are limiting our growth as a church.

To fulfil our vision and serve both our congregation and community well, we need:

"Enlarge your house, build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams. Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities." Isaiah 54:2-3


Though the church PCC have been wrestling with building problems for over 15 years, there hasn’t been the budget available to improve the buildings. Now is the the time to take action. Our choice is clear: as a minimum we have to raise the funds to fulfil the Church of England basic requirements, which will not solve the many problems identified by our church community who thinking about the future.

OR, we must step out in faith and rebuild St Luke’s for future generations.


Our aim is to develop the St Luke’s Centre – a redevelopment of the buildings attached to our main church building. We aim to develop the site for the mission and ministry of Jesus now and for future generations.

We plan to rebuild and restore the foyer, the main hall, the old nursery and the car park, introducing a community cafe, rooms available for use for children groups and for hire midweek, a larger office space for our growing staff team and making our buildings much more eco-friendly.



Community cafe, catering kitchen, access to garden & energy efficient lighting & heating.


Extend rear of foyer to create large catering kitchen, garden room & outdoor garden seating


New raised roof, solar panels, addition of first floor to house new offices, storage & an upstairs lounge.


Demolish to build a new smaller hall, connected to other building with kitchenette & toilets.


Fully resurfaced and increasing the number of spaces & including electrical vehicle charging points.

proposed plans

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