New Year. Fresh Start.

May I wish you a very Happy 2024!

I don’t know whether you do new years resolutions or not, I go back and forth with them each year, but usually land on something that involves a healthier diet, more exercise and a recommitment to deeper spiritual practices.

This year I’ve particularly found helpful 2 questions. They are…

  1. What might I need to let go of? 
  2. What might I need to take up?

If you can make time this week, I think they’re great questions to prayerfully reflect on, while also meditating on this scripture from Isaiah…

What might the Lord Jesus want you to forget or learn from in 2023 and what might be the new thing He wants to do in you? Why not take the time in the next few days to enquire of God for yourself.

What I do know for us at St. Luke’s is that, we’re to do all we can seek God together as we continue to be a family who LIVE for Jesus and LOVE one another, LEADing to transformed lives.

If I’m honest I’m glad to say a goodbye to 2023, but I am excited and trusting the Lord for this next year. May I encourage us all in these days, to seek the Holy Spirit for us as a church and if the Lord gives you a prophetic word or scripture you feel might be for all of us, to please message us.

We’re on a journey together and we’re trusting the Holy Spirit to be our guide, let’s see where He takes us.

with love and prayers,


Vicar, St Luke’s Maidstone

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