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Hello! As I write this the sun is shining and I am hopeful that there might be some warmth and less rain heading our way!

The Summer can be a time of lightness, not just for the brighter days and less clothing layers, but also for more relaxed attitudes as people take time to go away and enjoy the change from normal school routines. This Summer round-up of resources reflects this and I hope that you will find something helpful here:

Father’s Day

Father’s day is on 16th June this year. We will be having a short, interactive all-age celebration at Church, and we recognise that it can be a challenging day for some people for many reasons. This thoughtful article explores some of the conflicting emotions and how we can support each other:

Father’s Day: Not Always a Celebration (Care for the Family)

Thanking School Teachers

As the end of the school year beckons, you might like to take time to thank those who have been key in teaching and supporting your children over the past academic year, not just at school or nursery, but also in clubs and other activity groups. A note and/or drawing will probably be greatly appreciated by those who work with your children:

What to write in a teacher thank you card for a primary school teacher in the UK… (

Summer Weather

If the weather is nice, getting outside can be a great way of getting free fresh air and exercise. Maybe you could invite another family to join you for a walk, picnic or kick-about? 

To make a trip to the park more interesting, how about trying a summer scavenger hunt?

Kitchen Table Project | Resources (select Summer Praise Scavenger Hunt)

If you are feeling a tad overwhelmed by the prospect of a long Summer break with routine, you are not alone and there are some handy tips in this short article which might be worth a try:

If you or someone you know is parenting solo, there are some ideas which might make the Summer easier:

There are lots of other free ideas to keep young children entertained over the Summer too.

Eating Together

Eating meals together can be a great way to encourage good conversations and to get to know people better. Maybe you could invite some friends over to share food together; picnics, BBQs, bring and share buffets, a pudding party…whatever you do, here is a great free table mat resource which can prompt opportunities to talk about your faith naturally.

Summer Challenge

Want to be bolder about sharing your faith and modelling that to the children you care for? How about looking at a weekly challenge from Share Jesus International who have a long-running campaign called ‘Prompt 52’ with a different question and action to do each week:

Prompt | Share Jesus International

Summer Pace

Having a different pace of life over the Summer can give a great opportunity to chat with children about your faith and theirs. There are some inspirational interviews here with parents who share their tips for tackling some crunchy topics with children: 

Kitchen Table Project | Talking Faith Series

Holidaying with Kids

Perhaps you are off on your hols and wondering about visiting another church whilst you are away from St. Luke’s. There are many reasons why this might be a great idea. Here’s an article from Faith in Kids for 6 Reasons to go to church on holiday.

Travelling with kids over the summer? Here are some great questions that should spark some interesting discussions and make the journey go quicker: Stuck in a car – Parenting for Faith

Are you off to New Wine or another Christian festival over the Summer? Once your tent has dried out and you’ve caught up on a mountain of washing, you might be thinking about how you can encourage your children or teens once they are back home. Lots of good info can be found here:

Parenting for Faith | Helping your kids bring home the summer Christian festival experience (

Additional Needs

For those with Additional Needs, the Summer Holidays can be a challenging time when normal routines are disrupted. Care For The Family have produced some useful advice for parents about how they can strengthen their own relationships when things are challenging: Advice for couples parenting children with additional needs – Care for the Family

Exam Results

August is a time of exam results which might be a cause of great celebration or might be difficult if they don’t quite turn out as hoped. Here is some practical and encouraging advice for those who might need to step in to support teenagers: 

Parenting for Faith | Results day: when it doesn’t go quite right (

New School Year Begins

As September starts to creep up on the horizon, for those who are experiencing a big change like starting a new school, here is some advice that might help as you prepare your child for the changes ahead:

Parenting for Faith | Transitions (

Making the leap from primary to secondary school – Care for the Family

Summer Devotional

If all this feels a bit overwhelming and you’d rather hibernate than launch into Summer; you might find this free weekly devotional for parents with a study for each week of the Summer holidays useful to remind you of your value: Seeds-Trees-Devotional-for-parents.pdf (

Whether you are home or away over the Summer, if you’d like any support, prayer or just a listening ear about anything that is going on for you and your family, please do get in touch with me. You can catch me at church or email me so that we can make a time to chat further. Please also feel free to drop me a note if you come across any good resources that I can share.

God bless you and your loved ones over this Summer season,

Laura  😊

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