Spring St Luke’s Families Seasonal Resources

Hello and welcome to the Spring resource sheet for those who support children in any capacity.

Lent Resources

I don’t know how you feel about Lent. Are you a ‘give something up’ type of person or a ‘take something up’ type? Or maybe you haven’t thought much about it. However you feel about it, maybe this year you can try and make it a bit more significant with your family as you mark the lead up to Easter. There are loads of super resources available but I’ve picked out a few of my favourites that you might like to look at.

If you’d like to use this time to dig into the Bible and explore what Easter means to us today, this awesome resource from Parenting For Faith provides all you need to spark interesting 

discussions with children:

You might like to get crafty as you create a paperchain of daily challenges to show kindness and reflect on God’s goodness over this period:

Printable Lent Calendar — Teach Sunday School

Spring Outdoor Exploring

How about getting outside to explore nature over Lent? This lovely resource has an activity each day to encourage a fresh look at the beautiful world God has made in the lead up to Easter:


Perhaps you are just a bit frazzled and need to take some time out for yourself over this time. Check out these ideas for self-care:


Maybe you can challenge yourself and your family to memorise some Bible verses? Perhaps one each week? Having a musical version can really help to make the words stick in your mind. There are some catchy tunes here which might be worth a look:


Love Languages

Valentine’s Day is coming up….roses and fluffy teddies aside, have you thought about how the children in your life best receive or demonstrate love? A while back Gary Chapman wrote about the Five Love Languages. 

This brief article gives a brief summary of the different love languages and suggests practical ideas about how we can show them:

Kitchen Table Project | Love languages 

Easter will soon be upon us; what a great opportunity to let people know the GREAT news that Jesus is alive today! There will be lots going on at St. Luke’s so keep an eye out on the website for more details.

The annual St Luke’s Holiday Club will be happening just after Easter and we are so excited! Our Secret Agent Academy based in a top-secret forest HQ will be springing up in time for opening from 3rd to 5th April with a special family  celebration service on Sunday 7th April. Please do invite children you know to hear about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and the hope that this means for us today.


Podcasts are a great way of catching interesting information on the go. There’s a huge wealth of resources for both adults and families at Faith in Kids including a new triology of podcasts called ‘In the Hood’ about fatherhood, motherhood and grandparenthood which can be listened to here: 

There are a number of topics aimed at children and families which can be enjoyed here: 

Handy for long car journeys!

Scavenger Hunt

With hopefully warmer weather on the way; you can use this time to get out into nature. Signs of new life springing up represents a great opportunity to talk to children about your faith. Maybe you could try this nature hunt based on Psalm 100:


So there you go, just a few resources that might help you as you seek to develop your own relationship with God, as well as seeking to help the children you care about come to faith and grow in faith.

If you’d like any support, prayer or just a listening ear about anything that is going on for you and your family, please do get in touch with me. You can contact us so that we can make a time to chat further. Please also feel free to drop me a note if you come across any good resources that I can share.

God bless you,

Laura  😊

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